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Autumn in Aomori. The morning sun kindles a view of fall foliage on Lake Towada in Aomori, Japan.

When I was travelling through Japan last year, I was thoroughly captivated by the beauty of Japanese landscapes on Lake Towada in Aomori, located in the north of Japan. Though this region is quite distant from main tourist attractions and Japanese cities, it is worth seeing, especially if you are visiting Japan in autumn.

A lot of photographers and artists have selected this picturesque location for their shots and artworks of Japanese nature. However, it is also very convenient for tourists that prefer travelling and taking photos of the local area.

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Such an interesting article! I have been travelling through the East for several years already, but it was a pure discovery for me that there is such a scenic lake in the north of Japan. I think I will visit this region next month.

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As an artist, I have been looking for inspiration for a long time due to the period of my “creative stagnation” as I call it. After visiting Aomori, I was able to paint a series of quite successful pictures.

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Very useful post! Most nature photographers don’t know where to search for a good landscape to capture. For me it’s definitely the Northern Japan. Aomori is a great place if you are looking for inspirational landscapes!

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